Triskle triad-1-

The Triquatra.

Malaci Efrain. Not much is known about his life before his embrace off the darkness. Now it's time to see his story


My name is Malaci Efrain. I was born in Salem, Massachusetts in the year 1675. I was raised by my parents, James and Ellena Efrain, and brought up around religon, which I despise greatly.

My father was a blacksmith, like his father before him, and I was to inherit the family buisness. But I didn't want that; I wanted something more. My wish came true.

I was seventeen when my fascination for black magic sparked. I aquired my skills from books I found in an old bookstore. They were old and tattered, but held unimaginible power. The spells I erudited would haunt your nightmares.

Shortly after, the witch trials began. Men and women were accused and hunted for the acts of witchcraft. Practice time was hard to come by. For a short time, I was lucky enough to not be caught. But my luck ran out and I was hunted like an animal and hung for my crimes. But that was not the end. It was merely the beginning.

This is my story.