Lexi is a Vampire/Lycan Hybrid. With all the strengths and none of the weakness's of both(except the blood thirst), she is the perfect living weapon.

Before This Is WarEdit

Lexi met Xiric three years ago. She was a new student to his school and seemed normal at first. Soon after, people began to mysteriously dissappear. One night, Xiric was walking home, and a man came running out of an ally. The man was covered in blood and was scared to death. Xiric walked into the ally to see what happen, and found a wolf like creature with fangs and glowing eyes. It ran off and Xiric chsed it. When he finally cornered it, it showed its human form, revealing it to be Lexi. She explained what she was and what was happening. She made him promise not to tell anyone. With Xirics help, she learned to control her powers. She helped him fight TECKMIN and Mirage.

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