Malaci was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1675 to James and Ellena Efrain.
Conner Knight

Malaci as the Dark Master.

Human LifeEdit

Malaci was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1675. As a teenager, he was fasinated by the dark arts and often practiced the art of black magic in his free time. His most successful spell brought his shadow to life. When the salem witch trails began, his time for practicing became few and far between. One day Malaci was practicing black magic in one of the towns churches when a priest walked in on him. The priest called the authorities and Malaci was hunted. A few days later a spirit came to him and told him that he would give him immortality and teach him to control true power if he became his apprentice. Malaci declined and was told that if he changed his mind, just call out his name. Shortly after, he was captured and was put to be hanged. Just as the stool he stood on dropped from beneth him, he called out the spirits name, and vanished. He agreed to become the spirits apprentice and was granted immortality and the teachings of true power.

Time with EonEdit

After being given the power of immortality and darkness, Malaci and Eon traveled back through the time hole that brought Eon to his time. Malaci's shadow manefested itself into a being of darkness called Black Shadow. He joined Grife as the newest member. Malaci fought by Eon's side in the power struggle between light and dark. After his master was locked away, Malaci went into hiding, only to reappear after the birth of Cameron and the return of Eon. Eon and his followers tried many times to find and kill Nikolei but failed due to Viktor's interference.

Time with NikoleiEdit

In What The Future Holds, Malaci seeks Nikoei's help in facing a new, ancient power that threatens the world. Malaci agreed to Nikolei's terms, and fought on the side of light. During a batle with his old master and mentor, Eon, he decided to fight for the side of light premenantly. As a result, his powers changed from darkness to light. Black Shadow transformed from a manefested shadow into an angelic spirit.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

Malaci was born a normal child but as he grew older he studyed the dark arts and spell casting. His most successful spell brought his shadow to life. When he met Eon, his skills became power and he took control of the darkness. His shadow also manefested into a powerful dark being called Black Shadow. After he changed to the side of light, his power over darkness transformed to power over light.

Malaci fights with a Scythe that resembles the Grim Reaper's. After he changed to the side of light, his Scythe transformed into a pair of Ethereal Blades.


As a teenager, Malaci wore typical clothing from the 1600's. Upon becoming Eon's apprentice, he chose a black cloak as his attire. After he changed to the side of light, his cloak became a white muscle shirt and white pants. Gold streaks run across the front and back of his shirt and down the sides of his pants.


Nikolei Wolfe

Nikolei and Malaci's relationship is quiet rivalious. When sides clash, they are always the first to brawl with each other. Malaci has come close to killing Nikolei, but for reasons unknown, he has never been able to go through with it. Nikolei, too, has had chance after chance to oput an end to Malaci, but never thought for a moment of actually ending his life. When Malaci went to Nikolei for help, he was the first and only person to hear him out, the others were ready to attack without warning. Malaci agreed to Nikoleis terms and the two of them partnered in future battles. During Malaci's battle with Eon, Nikolei was the least surprised that he chose to continue to fight for the light. Since then, Nikolei and Malaci have grown closer, to the point they are almost like borthers.


Dusk, being able to see the future, knew that Malaci was destined to join the side of light once again. Because of this, she was one of the few to accept him joining the team. The two of them grew closer throughout What The Future Holds, to the point they developed a romantic relationship.