Multiverse is the sixth instalment of The Phoenix Series.


One dark, rainy night, Nikolei is attacked by a cloaked pyrokinetic, and forced to call upon the help of Era. During the fight, Nikolei spots three other cloaked figures, each with an ability matching Katherine, Cameron and Zane, heading towards the mansion. Nikolei and Era survive the fight, after throwing the cloaked pyrokinetic over a bridge, and rush back to the mansion. They get there just as the three cloaked figures flee. Soon after, Nikolei calls a team meeting. During the meeting, there is a knock on the door. When the doors open, Eon and Terror are standing in the doorway. Malaci calls an attack, but Nikolei stops them, saying there is something different. Eon tells them that they are not the Eon and Terror they know, but are in fact from another universe and their names are Epoch and Salva. Epoch explains to them that a war is about to commence and the boundary between worlds were soon to be destroyed.

Characters introduced in theis book.Edit

Epoch - Good version of Eon

Salva - Good Version of Terror

Teschio - Good version of Skall

Kei - Evil version of Nikolei

Marin - Evil version of Cameron

Katerina - Evil version of Katherine

Zon - Evil version of Zane