Nazca Guardians is the first installment in the Nazca Trilogy


My name is Jaden Ignis. I once lived a normal life, but that was a long time ago. When I was sixteen, my friends and I traveled to Peru to visit the Nazca Lines. They were believed to be nothing more than mere formations in the earth, made by the Nazca themselves. They were wrong. The Nazca Lines were actually conduits for the Spirit Beast. The Spirit Beasts used the lines to bond themselves to the Chosen. I was chosen by the spider, Aranea. Why? To defeat Novas, the Demon of the Netherworld, and stop him from raising hell.



Jaden Ignis:

Jaden is a sixteen year old boy. He was chosen by Aranea, the spider spirit. His aura is red and his gift allows him to shoot webbing from his wrists. He doesn't have a physical change.

Jack Cranson:

Jack is one of Jaden's oldest friends. Along with Justin and Jaden, they make up the J-Trio. He and his sister, Carly, lived in Australia for a year. While his siter lost her accent, his stayed with him. He was chosen by Caetus, the shark spirit. His aura is blue and his gift allows him to breathe under water. His physical change is webbing between his fingers and toes*, allowing him to swim faster then an olympic swimmer.

Carly Cranson:

Carly is Vanessa's oldest friend and Jaden's girlfriend. She was chosen by Rhoncus, the hummingbird spirit. Her aura is orange and her gift allows her to move at incredible speeds. Her physical change is hummingbird wings* that come from her back.

Justin Rowan:

Justin is one of Jaden's oldests friends. He was chosen by Cercops, the monkey spirit. His aura is yellow and his gift allows him to move with great agility and gives him highteed reflexes. His physical change is a monkey tail*, which is very powerful.

Vanessa Beck:

Vaness is Carly's oldest friend. She met Jaden, Justin and Jack through Carly. She was chosen by Lacertae, the lizard spirit. Her aura is green and her gift allows her to become invisible. Her physical change is her lizard eyes*, allowing her to see in the dark.

Spirit Beasts:Edit


Jaden and his friends met Oroes while in Peru. He is the condor spirit's physical manifestation. He guides Jaden and his friends and teaches them how to control their gifts. His aura is Violet. He has condor wings* coming out of his back.


Aranea is the Spider Spirit Beast. She chose Jaden to be her guardian. She was the last to be dragged into the Netherworld by Novas.


Caetus is the Shark Spirit Beast. He chose Jack to be his gurdian. He was the first to be dragged into the Netherworld by Novas.


Rhoncus is the Hummingbird Spirit Beast. He chose Carly to be his guardian.


Cercops is the Monkey Spirit Beast. He chose Justin to be his guardian.


Lacertae is the Lizard Spirit Beast. She chose Vanessa to be her guardian.

Netherworld Demons:Edit


Novas is The Demon of the Netherworld. There are other demons in the Netherworld, but none are as powerful and as feared as Novas. He set out to rule the world tens of thousands of years ago, but the Spirit Beasts locked him away in the Netherworld. He gains the power to escape every 5,000 years, and every 5,000 years the Spirit Beasts choose five mortals, with brave hearts, to defend the world from Novas and send him back to the Netherworld.


Nevus is one of Novas' followers. Not much is known about her.


Nuves is one of Novas' followers. Not much is known about him.

  • Physical changes can be hidden at will.