This is War is the final book of the Nikolei Wolfe series, which takes place two years after the last book, during Katherine's last month of pregnancy and after the birth.


It's been two years since the battle between universes and Nikolei and Katherine are expecting...twins. When all seemes like they are settleing down, Kei and his team return, more powerful then ever. With Katherine vulnerable, Nikolei must seek the help of two other heroes: Protazoa and Conner Knight.

The War SidesEdit


Nikolei Wolfe, Cameron Wolfe, Katherine Bryne, Zane Synch, Cynthia Miles, Dusk, Dawn, Scott Towson, Sky Lee, Travis Crypt, Marcus Walker, Amelia Walker, Damian Linwood, Logan Lokleer , Conner Knight, Protazoa, Era, Salva, Epoch, Teschio.


Kei, Marin, Katerina, Zon,

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